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February Dressing Conundrum

Howdy, everyone. Get up and dressed on February mornings is a quandary. I’ve had different thoughts running through this crazy brain of mine. Caution before going further: I have a million things running through my head all day every day, with no particular organization or flow. Yes - ADHD big time. So, hold on and strap in. 😂

February is a tricky month when I’m trying to dress. My astrological sign is Cancer. Hence, rivers, lakes and oceans call my name on the daily. Weird fact about me: I’ve never used the shower in our home. Ever. I take a bath Every. Single. Day. We should own stock in Dr. Teal’s - lavender, please. There is something so cleansing and freeing about baths. If I’m tired or sore, the water washes it all away, and I’m replaced with calm.

I was raised on the beachs of Southern California, and would start my day walking my Goldie (golden retriever mama for life) along the strand every morning and every evening. On weekends, I’d grab the newspaper, my pup, coffee and sit on the walking path in front of the big beautiful Pacific. I could feel and breath the ocean water’s calm. On special days, the dolphins would put on a show, jumping and playing, right in front of my eyes. I can’t think of anything more beautiful than seeing these creatures frolicking, with utter joy. Oh, if I could push out the clutter in my head at times, and be as the dolphins: living each moment, with pure joy and letting nature guide me. We live in a world of noise. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Phones... everything can feel so fast and rushed. 2020, for me, is trying to be compatico with the dolphins.

Back on track...February dressing.

What to do when it’s still cold, but you’re ready for Spring? Here’s the tip: bring out (or buy) that dress that gives you the Summer feels, and simply add layers. I love this pretty polka dot maxi with neutral chunky boots and a worn-out denim jacket. Throw a long sleeve tee under your sundress, and add a cute cropped fur bomber.

There are so many cute sweaters and hoodies in Spring “feel good” colors. I love this Baja hoodie. (Yes, I brought one home.) Pair the hoodie with destroyed denim, chunky boots and a hat or beanie.

The mix of styles in the store is so exciting. We’ve got you covered, whether you long for Spring, or if you’re loving the rain.

Whatever this day has to bring, I hope yours is filled with the things that feed your soul and make your heart happy.
xo Rita