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Our Customers ❤️

After spending 40+ years in the world of retail, without a doubt, this store, RITA’S, has been one big beautiful gift.

Our customers. Our customers blow me away with kindness every single day. These women are not customers. They are stories of love, family, friends and life’s good and not-so-good moments.They’ve allowed us to be a part of their story.
Here is just one: @kendram_walker ❤️ As I scroll through her photos, we’ve been part of her life’s story. We see her in times with her boyfriend, when she got engaged, then married. We’ve been with her as her peanut sprouted, and as she waits for Brinley James to enter this world.

Thank you, Kendra, for shopping with us. You are more than a customer. You are allowing us to be a part of your life’s joys, and we are so very grateful.

Can’t wait to meet your beautiful new boy.
xo Rita and The Gang