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Personal Message from Rita

At RITA’S, we love our customers, in all shapes and sizes. Our #1 purpose is to have our customers leave happier than when they entered our little RITA’S world, regardless of whether they bought anything. Kindness is an inside job, one that should be spread like thick peanut butter on jelly.

It warms our soul when we see generations of women shopping together. Style is interpreting each piece, in one's own unique way. Rita looks for pieces that are not only one of a kind, but that can be styled to each individual’s personality. Her focus on personal style, rather than fashion trends, is what makes RITA'S unique. Even so, with everyone's personal styles in mind, RITA’S is always up to date with most wearable fashion trends.

Rita has spent her life in the fashion industry, including 12 years as a buyer at Nordstrom, where she was passionate about serving the customer. She’s brought this experience and dedication to her own boutique, where PEOPLE are put first. RITA'S is a no-judgment zone where we focus on being kind, caring and understanding of each individual’s varying needs. We ❤ you just the way you are. Our job is to help you feel your best, not to “sell” you.

Rita also spent 6 years as a lead Fashion buyer at Ross Stores, buying for 600+ stores. Here she honed her negotiation skills, which she's brought to RITA'S. She travels to the Fashion District and personally works with each manufacturer, touching every single item before it purchasing. To Rita, these vendor relationships are partnerships, with years of fostered goodwill, allowing her to offer the best selections, at affordable prices.

Selling clothing doesn’t save lives, but showing kindness, empathy, humor, and warmth can turn a bad day upside down. This is RITA'S mission.

We ❤ our customers for choosing to shop small, and we are humbled each time a new customer walks through our door.

Thank you for visiting RITA's today. ❤

A note from Rita:

I have received requests daily for a website, but have been reluctant to create one because I want our web customers to be able to have the same experience as an in-person shopper.

Because we can only do so much through an online platform, please feel free to call the shop to talk to the girls about any questions you may have. We’d like to make the online shopping experience as personal and comfortable as possible.

From my heart and soul, thank you for the opportunity to serve you. I am grateful beyond words to be able to do what I love.

xo Rita️